Casual / Promotional Leasing

Bendigo Marketplace has promotional leasing sites available in prime areas of the mall.

The benefits of casual leasing include:

    • Increasing awareness of your business in other trade areas.
    • Introducing new product(s) to customers.
    • Capitalising on Seasonal events e.g. school holidays, sporting events, four seasons or commercial events such as Valentine’s day and Easter
    • Clearing stock in preparation for new merchandise.
    • Giving customers a hands on experience in addition to TV, Radio and print media.
    • Flexible and Affordable

Download Casual Leasing PDF



Permanent Leasing

The ISPT retail leasing team creates opportunities for retailers to thrive in our shopping centres and retail assets.
Our approachable team is experienced and well regarded for the trusted relationships they develop with our retailers.

We take a hands on approach, fostering trust and relationships, for the benefit of all parties. With a thorough understanding of the customer base at each of our Centres, our experienced leasing team identifies opportunities for retailers to develop successful businesses.

The ISPT portfolio of Centres offers growth opportunities for national retailers to cover representation of their brands and opportunities for independent and multi outlet retailers seeking to grow their businesses at a local market level.

Retail Leasing Contact

Stuart Cameron
Leasing Executive
M: 0408 316 911