‘The One’ Winning Entries


With Valentines Day approaching, we asked our customers to share the love on our Bendigo Marketplace Facebook page!

The winners picked up some dinner vouchers at The Groove Train, Bendigo for sharing their stories. If you love reading about love (like us!), check out the winning responses. Have a wonderful Valentines Day, Bendigo!

$100 – Carol Hutchison-Kane “He’s the one if I get butterflies in my tummy whenever he is around, he is honest, reliable, trustworthy, spontaneous and romantic. He is rich, not of monetary value but with compassion and understanding and he loves me just the way I am, as I will him. I know he’s out there somewhere!”
$50 – Noni Hyett “He is ‘the one’ if he lets me go to the groove train with the work girls instead!”
$100 – Selina Donelly “I know he is the one by the way he puts up with my cranky mood swings, and by the way he didn’t crack under pressure to be super romantic when he proposed. Knowing I’m not a big bells and whistles kinda girl, he asked my dad for his permission and then he chucked me a ring box and said ‘So, we gettin’ hitched?’ exactly my kinda proposal haha.”
$50 – Emily Jade Byfield “My partner and I started going out when I was 14 after just 3 weeks I knew he was the one guess when you meet ‘the one’ you just know that you have something special. The little butterflies he used to give me at 14 years old have now turned into 5 years of marriage, two gorgeous children and a lifetime bond I honestly could not imagine my life without him.”
$100 – Hannah Kate Pentreath “When I was in a café at 16 years of age on April Fools Day, my friends (while I was gone) wrote my number on a napkin and gave it to the cute chef I’d commented on.
6 years later and we are married.”
$50 – SnoopyandEmma Adventurers “When my boyfriend and I began dating I invited him around to watch a movie. I offered to let him pick the movie as I figured I would like whatever he chose as it was from my collection. He chose “Frozen”. I knew right then he was the one for me.”

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