#LEGENDARYMUM Shopping Spree at Bendigo Marketplace

Beccky, Sue, Paul and Tara Johns Bendigo Legendary Mum

#LegendaryMum Sue Johns of Bendigo and husband Paul.“Treat others how you would like to be treated,” was echoed at the Johns’ table on Saturday July 25, during their lunch at The Groove Train. A humble family who would do anything for you, whether they know you or not. We could not think of more deserving winners of the 2015 #LegendaryMum competition at Bendigo Marketplace.

The centre of attention of the day, Sue Johns ,was so grateful to be able to spend the day shopping with her favourite people: husband Paul, and daughters Beccky and Tara. Bendigo Marketplace provided Sue with a personal stylist for the day and $500 to spend in-centre on whatever items she desired.
With stylist Kat McNeill in tow, the family hit the shops, but not before they presented her with something extra to show Sue how special she truly is. Kat captured the special moment as the family present her with an addition $200 to add to her spending money for the day!

Between tears of joy and fits of laughter, Sue expressed how thrilled she was to be surrounded by her loved ones for this special trip, a timely family gathering before her two daughters started their new adventures, moving away from Bendigo for university and work.

First off to Australian Made Women’s Fashion Brand – Motto. It was only a matter of minutes before their arms were full of outfits to try on and they found that one special item, a super flattering black dress that Sue loves.

#LegendaryMum Sue Johns of Bendigo finds a beautiful dress at Asutralian Made Fashion Retailer, Motto

Then across the road to Stearns Showcase Jewellers for some Pandora rings both for Sue and daughter Tara. With more stops along the way at  @Home Bendigo, Bras N Things and Big W, Sue had filled her bags with some wonderful new additions.

#Legendary Mum shops at Stearns Showcase Jewellers Bendigo Marketplace

“Overall, the #LegendaryMum experience was just really overwhelming,” Sue said.

“To hear people say really lovely things, people that didn’t know me, was so humbling.
“It was beautiful to read that people that I’d had contact with at Catholic College Bendigo, from years ago, said [that through my teaching], I had really made a difference in their lives.”

Sue’s daughter, Beccky, 22, who entered her mum in the competition, hoped her mum would realise what a great job she does. “When mum gets a compliment she can’t accept it, she just does nice things because it’s her nature,” Beccky said.

“She taught us how to be able to deal with anything,” daughter Tara, 20, said.
“And we have learnt to cope without a lot of things, or a lot of money, but we have never felt like we have missed out on anything”.

“She’s also taught you two to care,” Dad/Husband, Paul said. “And being grateful for what we’ve got.” The family all agreed that what they do have is lots of love, lots of laughs, lots of memories, and eachother. And with Beccky’s health problems, they learn to appreciate that even more.

Incase you missed Beccky’s story, and her message to her mum, here it is:

Beccky and Sue Johns Bendigo #LegendaryMumThis is my Beautiful Mum. In my books, she is a Legendary Mum. She lost her first born son to kidney disease and was told not to have any more kids. She took a risk and had me, I was born with the same kidney disease unfortunately. She has had to go through life with a sick daughter her whole life, she would do anything for me, 2 hour drives to the hospital for appointments, endless trips to the chemist to spend her life savings just to keep me alive and let’s not forgot about the amount of times she has waited in emergency with me in pain. She’s always the one I wake up to after coming out of surgery, she was always there for me to buy me what I wanted if it made me smile after a surgery or a crappy day at hospital. The endless amount of money spent on petrol just to get to my Melbourne doctors appointments. All still while working 5 days as a primary school teacher. She has had to watch me go through so much pain and is always there to hold my hand. She had watch her husband donate a kidney to me only to find out it didn’t go well, after 17 years of many ups and downs in my health my beautiful mother decided to donate her kidney to me. It has brought us closer than I ever thought was possible, she was out of hospital in 2 days just because she wanted to be with me each day (that’s not normal) She even lost 20 kilos just to donate her kidney. She’s a freak but I love her with all my heart, to this day she still seems to amaze me. Just recently she quit her job and has chosen happiness over money, she’s earning a lot less and struggles each day but still continues to have a smile on her face when she sees how happy and healthy I am after one of the most successful kidney transplants ever! Winning a $500 shopping spree would bring such a smile to her face and would be such a great way to give back to my mum because how do I ever say Thank you to her for donating her kidney to me???
She does so many beautiful things for me and she is the world’s best mum. I love her so so much, more then she will ever know.

“We like to share whatever we can, whatever we have, and we tell each other how much we appreciate each other all of the time,” Sue said.

On behalf of all of us at Bendigo Marketplace, we encourage you to take 2015 #LegendaryMum Sue’s advice: tell your loved ones how much you love them, and appreciate the little things. Congratulations to the Johns family and thank you for everyone who entered, and everyone who voted. There are plenty of Legendary Mums in Bendigo!


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