What Are Families Saying About The Bendigo Marketplace

We Interviewed one of our customers Krystal and her daughters Sebella and Indianna, watch to see what they love about Bendigo Marketplace.

What’s your favourite shop at Bendigo Marketplace?
Indianna: The shoe shop
Krystal & Sebella: The shoe shop! (laughter)
Interviewer: Is that your favourite shop as well Krystal?
Krystal:  Oh yes! Yep, I definitely like the shoe shop!

Who do you like shopping with at Bendigo Marketplace?
Indianna: Daddy
Krystal: Why is Daddy your favorite?
Indianna: Because he’s my bestfriend… (whisper)
Krystal: Awwww… why’s he your best friend? Does he buy you lots of chocolate and lollies?
Indianna: Yes
Krystal: I thought that might be why!
Sebella: And he always say that he’ll buy me that stuff too.
Krystal: He always buys you milkshakes and hotdogs, doesn’t he?
Indianna: And fizzy drinks!
Isabella: And icecream!
Indianna: And lollies!!!!

What’s your favorite activity at Bendigo Marketplace?
Isabella: Face painting.
Krystal: The animals were pretty cool too, weren’t they?
Isabella: (Nodding) Oh. and they also got some fairy floss and some….ummmm…apple…
Krystal: ….A toffee apple?
Isabella: Yes, a toffee apple!
Indianna: I’ve done that too.

Why does Mum like shopping at Bendigo Markerplace?
Krystal to Isabella: Why do I like coming to the Marketplace?
Sebella: Because they have pretty stuff and she likes looking pretty.
Krystal to Isabella: What sort of things do I like to look at? What do I like to buy?
Indianna: Dresses.
Sebella: Dresses… and high heels! You also look at high heels!
Krystal: Do I? …I probably do!

What brings you back to Bendigo Marketplace?
Krystal: I just love it, everything is here so convenient and, you know, when the weather’s bad you can still come shopping. There’s lots of things for the kids. Park undercover, always lots of parking, so this makes things easy.. specially with two little ones.


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